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It’s remarkable how much Christians expect from non-Christians!

Published on November 15, 2012 By SiteEditor

ChristianGovernance eletter – November 15, 2012

Focus on the Family head, Jim Daly, seems to be a really nice guy, but the interests of the Church and society are not advanced by naivity. Note the story below with Mr. Daly’s comments, followed by our analysis.

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Focus on the Family Community – November 12, 2012
NYC Mayor Bans Food Donations?
Posted by Jim Daly

The relentlessness of modern homosexualism

Published on November 11, 2012 By SiteEditor
ChristianGovernance eletter – November 3, 2012
New York is experiencing another example of homosexual tyranny . The homosexual movement has embraced the ideology of modern socialist totalitarianism. Perhaps it’s more accurate to say that modern homosexualism is a totalist ideology, accepting no dissent and taking no prisoners.
Two lesbians have filed a human rights complaint because a wedding venue has refused to serve them. This is a private sector operation. The suffocating jackboot of the homosexual industry is pressed against the neck and windpipe of fundamental liberty. It’s at war with Christianity, the only source of true freedom.
The homosexualists are using human rights law against Christianity. This case illustrates the incompatibility between human rights law and God’s law. The Bible doesn’t teach human rights theory. Far too many Christians today continue to straddle the fence between these two concepts of law. By doing so, they are failing to realize the nature of the conflict. Thus, they are contributing to confusion among Christians as to the nature and seriousness of the current battle. This helps to seal Christianity’s fate until reformation through repentance and Biblical worldview become the focus of the Christians who remain.

The Canadian Press article reports: “If state officials determine there is a case of discrimination, they can order Liberty Ridge to take appropriate action and can set monetary damages.”

Totalitaria – Tutorial in totalitarianism…

Published on May 9, 2012 By SiteEditor

Life in Totalitaria

Totalitaria is a beautiful tropical island. On could call it a paradise. It’s handsome people live in a land of perpetual and lush vegetation that provide for every human need. One of the most attractive aspects of life in Totalitaria is the absence of problems and worries!

Do EPA officials want to kill people?

Published on May 9, 2012 By SiteEditor

The Washington Times – May 7, 2012
Saving the planet, one crucifixion at a time
Environmental movement has tentacles reaching all levers of power
By Robert Knight

What do Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico have in common?

They comprise the Environmental Protection Agency’s Region VI. They also constitute the core of America’s energy production, especially oil.

Homosexual parenting fuels tyranny

Published on April 30, 2012 By SiteEditor

ChristianGovernance eletter – May 1, 2012
Homosexual parenting fuels tyranny

“Court orders former B.C. lesbian couple to divide left-over sperm”

Perhaps the greatest fraud in the multi-decade campaign to normalize homosexual parenting and domestic relationships is the notion that this libertine ethic is consistent with the view that the state has no business in the bedrooms of the nation. This claim is false and dishonest in at least two ways, and despite the transparent dishonesty of these claims, social conservatives have, for some reason, been very muted in challenging activists on these points.

Children forced into gov’t schools at gunpoint

Published on January 5, 2011 By SiteEditor

Read this article online here.

Las Vegas Review-Journal – December 26, 2010
Time to separate school and state
By Vin Suprynowicz

We keep getting letters explaining government schools can’t turn out as good a product as private schools – even private schools spending less per student – since the private schools choose their students, while mandatory government youth internment camps have to “take every which one.”

Domestic terror as HRC investigates “ex-gay” link

Published on November 27, 2010 By SiteEditor

LifeSiteNews.com – November 26, 2010
Mexican state government investigated for ‘endorsing’ ex-gay conference
By Matthew Hoffman

GUADALAJARA, Mexico – The government of the Mexican state of Jalisco is under “investigation” by the state human rights commission for alleged sponsorship of a conference that included Richard Cohen, an ex-homosexual and therapist who treats homosexuals for unwanted same-sex attraction, according to the Mexican newspaper El Universal.

The death of humanist science…

Published on October 30, 2010 By SiteEditor

The positive utopias of the good society in literature were utopias of centrally planned states.  No one has written them in a century.  The dystopias are also centrally planned states.  They reflect modern men’s declining faith in the healing powers of science as implemented by the state (emphasis added).

Court slaps down over-zealous Toronto cops

Published on October 30, 2010 By SiteEditor

National Post – October 29, 2010
Judge finds David Chen not guilty; or, The Grocer Wore Grey
By Peter Kuitenbrouwer

In a cliffhanger ruling that mixed references to film noir and pulp fiction, Justice Ramez Khawly of the Ontario Court of Justice took two hours yesterday, in a court packed with 100 people, to get to his decision: David Chen, the vigilante grocer, is not guilty on all charges.

The tyranny of human rights evidenced with another Ontario decision

Published on October 29, 2010 By SiteEditor

Do you want more proof that Canada’s – and particularly Ontario’s – human rights industry is a realm of tyranny, or arbitrary rule? A few weeks ago, a decision came down from the province’s human rights tribunal that they had the right to make the final decision on who can be the dean of a university’s law school . The case in question involves the university of Windsor. In this more recent decision, covered in the article below, the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario had decided that it’s jurisdiction does not extend to the editorial pages of newspaper. But if it believed this, why did Ontario Human Rights Commission Czar Barbara Hall express such strong opinions against Maclean’s magazine and its Mark Steyn content that put these agencies in the news across Canada for a couple of years?