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Peering into the future: Rod Taylor

Published on January 4, 2013 By SiteEditor

By Rod Taylor

“Hindsight is 20-20”. At least that’s what people like to tell themselves. “I may not know the future but at least I can see what went wrong in the past”. The so-called “Monday morning quarterback” is the proverbial couch potato who can sit back and—knowing what the defense did wrong and what special circumstances affected the outcome of the game—describe the perfect plays he would have run if he had been the quarterback.

REAL Women urges Canadians to write CRTC to support Sun TV News application

Published on September 30, 2010 By SiteEditor

REAL Women of Canada URGENT ALERT – September 30, 2010
A Conservative Voice in Canadian Broadcasting

A conservative Cable news called Sun TV News has applied to the CRTC for a license to launch a new network which would serve as an alternative voice to the left-wing news cable channels, CTV News and CBC News network.