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ChristianGovernance Christmas message

Published on January 3, 2013 By SiteEditor

From: ChristianGovernance eletter, December 26, 2012

For many people, Christmas is a time for nostalgia.

For us at ChristianGovernance, it is a time to look forward with enthusiasm and confidence because we believe that we are in the business of advancing the Kingdom of God.

Abortion advocacy predicated on state-ist humanism

Published on January 3, 2013 By SiteEditor

From: ChristianGovernance eletter, December 26, 2012

Vancouver Sun – Dec. 21, 2012
Letter: Abortion and infanticide are not related matters

Re: Abortion law would halt slide toward tacit acceptance of infanticide, Dec. 18

Human rights have become an alternative law code, replacing Christian jurisprudence and God’s law

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From ChristianGovernance eletter – December 8, 2012

More about ChrGov’s April 2013 “Courageous Justice” Biblical worldview conference

Published on December 9, 2012 By SiteEditor

From: ChristianGovernance eletter, December 8, 2012

A few days ago, we reported on our plans to include a session at our April Biblical worldview “Courageous Justice” conference on Environmentalism’s war on the poor. Because of the comprehensive and totalitarian nature of Environmentalism, it takes courage to stand against it for the sake of justice, justice for all, including the vulnerable and oppressed. The Frontier Centre this week reprinted a piece from the Washington Time on this topic: “Environmentalist power trips harm poor countries.”

It’s remarkable how much Christians expect from non-Christians!

Published on November 15, 2012 By SiteEditor

ChristianGovernance eletter – November 15, 2012

Focus on the Family head, Jim Daly, seems to be a really nice guy, but the interests of the Church and society are not advanced by naivity. Note the story below with Mr. Daly’s comments, followed by our analysis.

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Focus on the Family Community – November 12, 2012
NYC Mayor Bans Food Donations?
Posted by Jim Daly

Canada’s latest census data on the family being interpreted to kill the family

Published on September 22, 2012 By SiteEditor

ChristianGovernance eletter – September 21, 2012

Our humanistic age has such a preoccupation with data. That’s how people who pretend to be scientific justify their views. Thankfully – in one respect – the corruption in humanist research – the manipulation of statistics and the massaging of data to justify preconceived notions – is increasing. As a result, humanists are going too far and are being exposed.

Atheism and cannibalism vs. Christianity

Published on August 21, 2012 By SiteEditor

CHP Communique #34 * August 21, 2012
Christian Heritage Nonsense
By Jim Hnatiuk, Leader of the Christian Heritage Party

Have you ever experienced attempts to belittle you, either overtly or by a subtle roll of the eyes, because you choose to support the Christian Heritage Party of Canada? I have certainly experienced this and oftentimes wished I had a short, sweet, and effective answer to these pathetic attempts to dissuade me from my beliefs and deter me from my goals.

Is government school fundraising an act of treason?

Published on June 28, 2012 By SiteEditor

ChristianGovernance eletter – June 26, 2012
Is fundraising an act of treason?

One of the few ways in which people today can contribute directly to their children’s government schooling, which is to say, exercise direct personal responsibility in the system, is to participate in school fundraisers.

Totalitaria – Tutorial in totalitarianism…

Published on May 9, 2012 By SiteEditor

Life in Totalitaria

Totalitaria is a beautiful tropical island. On could call it a paradise. It’s handsome people live in a land of perpetual and lush vegetation that provide for every human need. One of the most attractive aspects of life in Totalitaria is the absence of problems and worries!

Do EPA officials want to kill people?

Published on May 9, 2012 By SiteEditor

The Washington Times – May 7, 2012
Saving the planet, one crucifixion at a time
Environmental movement has tentacles reaching all levers of power
By Robert Knight

What do Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico have in common?

They comprise the Environmental Protection Agency’s Region VI. They also constitute the core of America’s energy production, especially oil.