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Connecticut slaughter and the myth of a “good divorce”

Published on January 3, 2013 By SiteEditor

From: ChristianGovernance eletter, January 1, 2013

In response to the recent Connecticut school slaughter, the Family In America published the following note:

The Family in America – December 20, 2012 The Topic: “For Children, Divorce is Always Bitter”

The News Story: “In divorce, mom had authority over Conn. shooter”

Science museum embraces anti-scientific sex propaganda agenda with new display

Published on May 9, 2012 By SiteEditor

Science museum’s “Sex: A Tell-all” Exhibition

Received via email through the Rideau Valley Home Educators Connection. If you visit the link below to the online Montreal exhibit site, you will see and hear enough anti-scientific propagandist filth that you won’t feel a need to actually attend the exhibit. But if you want to confirm the dangerous and dishonest nature of the material being provided then, according to the info below, you can visit the museum at no cost on Monday and Wednesday evenings this week: