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Humanism’s ongoing theft of businesses and private property

Published on February 4, 2013 By SiteEditor

ChristianGovernance eletter – January 16, 2013

The war against business owners and property owners continues. That’s a characteristic of fascism – the state lets you keep your property, but it commandeers the use of it through regulation and legislation. That’s what today’s human rights legislation does. That’s what is achieved by today’s growing human rights notion that businesses must comply with government ethics because they serve the “public”.

Lesbian hate crime fraud exposed

Published on December 25, 2012 By SiteEditor

From ChristianGovernance eletter – December 14, 2012

Lesbian hate crime fraud exposed

Is the mainstream media committed to protecting the homosexualist industry from bad press, including that produced by the terrorist arm of this movement?

This week we learned that a lesbian filed a fake hate crime report , at least we assume she was a lesbian. The story included a quote from her attorney, that ”She’s not a particularly outspoken person in the gay community.”

Human rights have become an alternative law code, replacing Christian jurisprudence and God’s law

Published on December 14, 2012 By SiteEditor

From ChristianGovernance eletter – December 8, 2012

Responding to The Current’s vicious smear of parents and home schooling

Published on November 30, 2012 By SiteEditor

If you want to complain to CBC’s The Current for their vicious smear of parents and home schooling, this is their contact info:

The Current
Use email form at this web address
Telephone Feedback line: 1-(877) 287-7366
Fax: (416) 205-2371
The Current, CBC Radio, P.O. Box 500 Station A, Toronto, ON M5W 1E6

Critics of our commentary against the BC RCMP “It Gets Better” video can’t make rational arguments

Published on November 30, 2012 By SiteEditor

From ChristianGovernance eletter, November 28, 2012

We understated Dan Savage’s terroristic spirit against Christians in our recent commentary on the BC RCMP “It Gets Better” video .

Click here to see a video compilation of Dan Savage’s militant contempt for God.

Video – Militant hatred of Christians by Dan Savage, founder of “It Gets Better”

Published on November 26, 2012 By SiteEditor

VIDEO: Dan Savage: America’s ‘bully-in-chief’

Outrage: BC RCMP’s “It Gets Better” video

Published on November 15, 2012 By SiteEditor

ChristianGovernance eletter – November 15, 2012

There was huge media coverage last week for the news that British Columbia members of Canada’s national police force, the RCMP, aligned themselves with a project birthed in the heart and mind of a vicious anti-constitutional (discrimination on the basis of religion) mouthpiece of hatred and bigotry against Christians .

The relentlessness of modern homosexualism

Published on November 11, 2012 By SiteEditor
ChristianGovernance eletter – November 3, 2012
New York is experiencing another example of homosexual tyranny . The homosexual movement has embraced the ideology of modern socialist totalitarianism. Perhaps it’s more accurate to say that modern homosexualism is a totalist ideology, accepting no dissent and taking no prisoners.
Two lesbians have filed a human rights complaint because a wedding venue has refused to serve them. This is a private sector operation. The suffocating jackboot of the homosexual industry is pressed against the neck and windpipe of fundamental liberty. It’s at war with Christianity, the only source of true freedom.
The homosexualists are using human rights law against Christianity. This case illustrates the incompatibility between human rights law and God’s law. The Bible doesn’t teach human rights theory. Far too many Christians today continue to straddle the fence between these two concepts of law. By doing so, they are failing to realize the nature of the conflict. Thus, they are contributing to confusion among Christians as to the nature and seriousness of the current battle. This helps to seal Christianity’s fate until reformation through repentance and Biblical worldview become the focus of the Christians who remain.

The Canadian Press article reports: “If state officials determine there is a case of discrimination, they can order Liberty Ridge to take appropriate action and can set monetary damages.”

Can we stop Christian kids from leaving the Church?

Published on October 12, 2012 By SiteEditor

I said a few weeks ago that we would have some comment on a new study released on why Canadian youth are leaving the Church. The study, “Hemorrhaging Faith,” was sponsored by several different groups, including the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada. This trend seems to be the subject of a growing number of discussions among church leaders in the past few years. This study is apparently the first one providing a useful amount of Canadian data and analysis. Christian leaders involved in the project have, therefore, said that it’s a very important piece of work. The results, though, weren’t unsurprising so I’m not sure how important the project really is. In an article on the report published by EFC’s magazine, Faith Today , John Wilkinson, chair of the EFC’s Youth ad Young Adult Ministry Roundtable, said “For those of us who are close to what is going on in youth ministry across Canada, the research findings are not so much surprising as they are confirming.” There may be one important exception to this, which is what we want to consider here. At this time, we have not yet read the original report. We have been following some of the comments made by others.

Niece creeped out by homosexual narcissist

Published on September 17, 2012 By SiteEditor

ChristianGovernance eletter – September 17, 2012

Narcissism – “a normal condition at the infantile level of personality development.”