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Critics of our commentary against the BC RCMP “It Gets Better” video can’t make rational arguments

Published on November 30, 2012 By SiteEditor

From ChristianGovernance eletter, November 28, 2012

We understated Dan Savage’s terroristic spirit against Christians in our recent commentary on the BC RCMP “It Gets Better” video .

Click here to see a video compilation of Dan Savage’s militant contempt for God.

CBC abuses woman on “The Current”

Published on November 26, 2012 By SiteEditor

From: ChristianGovernance eletter – November 23, 2012

At the top of the list of news links in the right-hand column is a link to a CBC report on home schooling . The initial interviews were standard fare. One should expect the host to express the state-ist, human rights perspective that she did. In this case, it wasn’t challenged as effectively as it could have been.

The relentlessness of modern homosexualism

Published on November 11, 2012 By SiteEditor
ChristianGovernance eletter – November 3, 2012
New York is experiencing another example of homosexual tyranny . The homosexual movement has embraced the ideology of modern socialist totalitarianism. Perhaps it’s more accurate to say that modern homosexualism is a totalist ideology, accepting no dissent and taking no prisoners.
Two lesbians have filed a human rights complaint because a wedding venue has refused to serve them. This is a private sector operation. The suffocating jackboot of the homosexual industry is pressed against the neck and windpipe of fundamental liberty. It’s at war with Christianity, the only source of true freedom.
The homosexualists are using human rights law against Christianity. This case illustrates the incompatibility between human rights law and God’s law. The Bible doesn’t teach human rights theory. Far too many Christians today continue to straddle the fence between these two concepts of law. By doing so, they are failing to realize the nature of the conflict. Thus, they are contributing to confusion among Christians as to the nature and seriousness of the current battle. This helps to seal Christianity’s fate until reformation through repentance and Biblical worldview become the focus of the Christians who remain.

The Canadian Press article reports: “If state officials determine there is a case of discrimination, they can order Liberty Ridge to take appropriate action and can set monetary damages.”

Mainstreaming hatred with Dan Savage and “It Gets Better”

Published on July 3, 2012 By SiteEditor

ChristianGovernance eletter – July 3, 2012
Mainstreaming hatred

Dan Savage is the “God Hates Fags” component of the militant homosexual movement. We have previously linked to some of his hate-filled filth and bigoted venom. We won’t do so again here beyond this link .

CHP: Ontario’s Bullying Anti-Bullying Bill 13

Published on May 15, 2012 By SiteEditor

CHP Communiqué Vol 19, No 20, May 15, 2012
Ontario’s Bullying Anti-Bullying Bill 13
By Jim Hnatiuk, Leader of the Christian Heritage Party

Our candidate for CHP Hamilton Mountain, Jim Enos, unashamedly and very ably represented CHP Canada by preparing and presenting strong arguments to the Ontario Standing Committee on Bill 13, the “Anti-Bullying Bill.” This Communiqué captures the essence of his arguments, which clearly explain how the Anti-Bullying Bill actually is bullying Christians. Jim said:

Dalton McGuinty’s callous abuse of Ontario youth with Bill 13

Published on May 4, 2012 By SiteEditor

You can slap lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig. And that’s what government schools are. That’s why ChristianGovernance doesn’t spend much time shuffling deck chairs on that sinking titanic. We are nevertheless appalled at the repulsive sex-obsession of Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty. Does he think about anything other than homosexuality? He is advancing a violent, bigoted agenda under the guise of an anti-bullying campaign. The proof of this is his linkage with Dan Savage. It’s hard to imagine anything more cynical than that. But McGuinty has been a reprehensible and dangerous scoundrel for years. Read the Family Coalition Party’s recent report below for new developments.

Star-Phoenix sides with atheist against praying Christian councillor

Published on May 3, 2012 By SiteEditor

ChristianGovernance eletter – May 3, 2012
Star-Phoenix sides with atheist against praying Christian councillor

The Saskatoon StarPhoenix has taken a clear atheistic stance on Saskatoon Councillor Randy Donauer’s grace that has attracted the hatred of a self-professed atheist in the audience.

Atheist lynching update – Support rallies for Saskatoon councillor

Published on April 25, 2012 By SiteEditor

ChristianGovernance Newsletter – April 24, 2012

Well, I have to admit that I was hoping for more than 5 responses for Randy Donauer from the few hundred people on out email list. I know it’s only been a day, and that more responses will be coming in from some of you. I encourage you not to forget this case if you’re delayed in being able to respond and express your support. If you have other ways of expressing your support, please use them as well.

Atheist lynching planned for Saskatoon Christian municipal counsellor

Published on April 24, 2012 By SiteEditor

A self-professed atheist is threatening to file a lynching – a human rights complaint – against a Christian Saskatoon counsellor for saying grace in public . This is outrageous, but it illustrates the zealotry of atheism and humanism. These ideologues try to smear Christianity – and especially Christian conservatives – as zealots. But Christians don’t behave like this. It does, however, seem to be the way a growing number of atheists/humanists behave.

Journalists lose professionalism dealing with Christianity and homosexuality

Published on April 20, 2012 By SiteEditor

ChristianGovernance eletter – April 18, 2012
Canadian journalists lose any professionalism dealing with Christianity and homosexuality

It’s amazing the way criticism of homosexuality in Canada brings the most ugly creatures out from under the moist rocks where the slimiest critters live. The context these days is the Alberta election campaign.