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Socialist sex

Published on December 21, 2012 By SiteEditor

From ChristianGovernance eletter – December 8, 2012

Native activists demand stronger HIV/AIDS fight

The above article provides one of many illustrations of today’s ideology of socialist sex, which is a view about sex which privatizes the pleasure and socializes the cost.

UN official suggests that prostitution is an example of responsible sex

Published on November 22, 2010 By SiteEditor

Canadian Press reported Sunday that the pope said “that in some cases, such as for male prostitutes, [the use of condoms] could represent a first step in assuming moral responsibility “in the intention of reducing the risk of infection.”

Homosexualists again blame-shift over criminal activity

Published on November 19, 2010 By SiteEditor

How can you get over 90% of homosexuals to voluntarily stop engaging in homosexual sex?

All you have to do is diligently and consistently enforce the laws of general equity. Homosexuality thrives in an environment of personal irresponsibility that’s soft on crime and tolerates blame-shifting by those who should be held responsible for their actions.

Homosexual Activists Are Exploiting Tragedies to Silence Religious Opponents

Published on October 13, 2010 By SiteEditor

Americans For Truth – October 13, 2010
Homosexual Activists Are Exploiting Tragedies to Silence Religious Opponents

Contact: Peter LaBarbera: 630-717-7631; [email protected]

Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality, issued the follow statement:

Homosexual practice is always wrong. To advocate for this lifestyle, including homosexual relationships, is also wrong. Advocacy of a sin is itself a sin.

HIV remains a homosexual disease

Published on September 25, 2010 By SiteEditor

The Washington Post – Sept. 24, 2010
Study puts HIV rate among gay men at 1 in 5
By Darryl Fears

One in five gay men in the United States has HIV, and almost half of those who carry the virus are unaware that they are infected, according to a new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study.

We’re supposed to feel bad for urging people out of homosexuality?

Published on August 28, 2010 By SiteEditor

This is the destructive, harmful, tragic, degrading life of homosexuality and we’re supposed to feel bad about wanting to rescue people from this wretched subculture of misery and abuse??? I think not.

Homosexual activists object to outing of an alleged HIV ‘predator’

Published on July 27, 2010 By SiteEditor

The North Bay Nugget – July 24, 2010
Police endangering queer community: gay advocates

New HIV cases return to levels seen in early 1980s

Published on July 23, 2010 By SiteEditor

Edmonton Journal – July 23, 2010
New HIV cases return to levels seen in early 1980s: Shift sees fewer homosexual patients
Postmedia News

Planned Parenthood’s new “GIVE A SH*T” campaign

Published on July 20, 2010 By SiteEditor

Planned Parenthood Toronto – July 20, 2010
Planned Parenthood urges young men to GIVE A SH*T about their health with new campaign

TORONTO – Planned Parenthood Toronto announced the launch of a new campaign to promote young men’s health issues. The campaign aims to help young men use condoms and get tested regularly for Sexually Transmitted Infections.

Homosexuals can’t blame this on discrimination

Published on July 13, 2010 By SiteEditor

PinkNews – July 12, 2010
Warning to gay and bisexual men over ‘nasty’ new strain of chlamydia