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Your views on human rights commissions

This brief commentary was published in the latest issue of our ChristianGovernance e-letter. We have a regular column called, “God’s law in brief” where we published the following comments. You can sign up for our e-letter at our website by clicking here.

In I Thessalonians 5:26, Paul tells the Thessalonians: “Greet all the brethren with a holy kiss.”

ChristianGovernance Press release – October 5, 2010
Celebrating Parent-Teachers on World Teachers’ Day

RUSSELL, ON - Today is World Teachers’ Day. It is a day to celebrate the sacrifice and industry of the tens of thousands of parent-teachers across Canada who work so hard with their own children each day.

ChristianGovernance Brochure

Download ChristianGovernance’s new brochure by clicking the link above.

Please feel free to print out your own copies of this brochure or re-post it on other websites. Please distribute it far and wide. Canada needs Christian governance. Please help us spread the word.

ChristianGovernance – A new standard for Christian reformation

ChristianGovernance was in Orillia and Toronto this past Saturday. Tim Bloedow talked about the necessity of having a worldview. Actually, that’s not quite true. It’s not a matter of necessity, it’s simply a matter of what is: all people have a worldview. The issue is whether you possess your worldview by DESIGN or by DEFAULT. Tim pointed out that those who DO NOT know what they believe and why over against what they do not believe and why will always be led by those who do. In other words, a leader possesses his worldview by design.

We have moved our 6:30 pm ChristianGovernance info/fundraising event to a new location. We will now be meeting at New Horizon Church, 1510 Birchmount Ave. , Unit 103, Scarborough.

Click here for directions and a map for the location.

Travelling by car:

From the East: If you’re traveling East on the 401, get off at Warden, then take Ellesmere East to Birchmount. Turn south on Birchmount.

ChrGov Vacation Notice

We will be away for just over a week starting tomorrow, so you won’t find much if any new content on our website during that time. But we look forward to welcoming you back on or around September 20th.

Our current poll question is: “If the Ontario election was this month, who would you vote for?”

You will see it in the column on your right.

Press release – September 2, 2010

ChristianGovernance in Toronto, Saturday Oct. 2
- On the agenda: Separation of School and State -

RUSSELL, ON – On Saturday, October 2nd, at Canada Christian College in Toronto, Tim Bloedow, Executive Director of ChristianGovernance, will talk about one of the main issues they will be raising during the next Ontario election campaign: the separation of school and state.

Click on the link below to see the details about our upcoming trip to Toronto for the evening of Saturday, Oct. 2nd.

Toronto ChrGov info-fundraising invitation – Oct 2 2010

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