Critics of our commentary against the BC RCMP “It Gets Better” video can’t make rational arguments

From ChristianGovernance eletter, November 28, 2012 We understated Dan Savage’s terroristic spirit against Christians in our recent commentary on the BC RCMP “It Gets Better” video.

Click here to see a video compilation of Dan Savage’s militant contempt for God.

Some homosexualists discovered the website posting of our commentary on the BC RCMP “It Gets Better” video. We aren’t going to post their dishonest comments, and give them access to our website for their ignorance, but we will comment on their statements to demonstrate how deceptive the homosexualist industry is (or how incapable they are of reading and of elementary rational interaction.)

One guy asked: “How is this RCMP video anti-christian in any way?” And a female said: “This is the BIGGEST load of crap I’ve ever read! Not once in that video does a SINGLE ONE of those “homosexualists” say ANYTHING negaitve about Christians!” Another female wrote: “Show me where in the video that anyone encourages any hostile actions against Christians or anyone at all. Even implicitly hostile. Otherwise this editorial has no merit whatsoever. I’m guessing these comments are prescreened. Whatever. I made my point.”

Our commentary never addressed the content of the BC RCMP video. We talked about their allegiance by way of the video with a movement launched by a militant bigot. So much for that last female’s point! It’s easier to make a relevant point when you comment on what somebody has actually written rather than commenting on fictitious comments.

The same fellow referenced above also wrote: “I’m sure that most true Christians – and I consider myself one – would say that bullying is very un-Christ-like.” One of those females wrote: “That video was produced as a means of letting LBGT kids know that their lives will get better despite the constant bullying that they have to deal with, and that killing themselves is NOT the way out.”

These kinds of comments assume that “It Gets Better” is the only anti-bullying vehicle out there, so if you oppose it, then you oppose attempts to stop bullying. We addressed this point in our initial commentary, but these readers seem to have ignored that. Maybe that fact isn’t helpful to the points they wanted to make.

Another female wrote: “I, as a christian have never felt persecuted because of my heritage. I have known several people, however, who were severely beaten because they were gay and transgressed the gender divide.”

OK. What does that have to do with our commentary? In our commentary, we objected to the insinuations and accusations about Christians perpetrating violence against homosexuals. We didn’t make comments about violence against homosexuals in general.

It’s very difficult to engage in rational, constructive dialogue with people who can’t read, or won’t read, with government-schooled graduates who can’t think. Meanwhile, we have to put up with atheists who think they’re being funny when they write: “I’m confused by your use of the phrase “rational Christian.” Isn’t that an oxymoron?”

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