Atheist lynching update – Support rallies for Saskatoon councillor

ChristianGovernance Newsletter – April 24, 2012

Well, I have to admit that I was hoping for more than 5 responses for Randy Donauer from the few hundred people on out email list. I know it’s only been a day, and that more responses will be coming in from some of you. I encourage you not to forget this case if you’re delayed in being able to respond and express your support. If you have other ways of expressing your support, please use them as well.

We have some good reports from the ground.

The atheist – who some say is actually be a Hindu using atheism as a preferred vehicle for his war on Christianity – Ashu Solo, was on the John Gormley radio talk show on Tuesday morning.

According to one report we received about the show, it went well – not for Mr. Solo. He said he was offended by the prayer mentioning Jesus, not realizing it was grace because he doesn’t know the Christian terms. There’s too much about this guy’s comments that just don’t ring true. He repeated that the prayer was pushing Christian faith down his throat. That’s actually funny. I can see a Hindu being insecure enough to feel that way…

Apparently many atheists called in to tell Mr. Solo to get over it, and to say that they don’t believe he is owed an apology. A Jewish Rabbi called in and said he supported Councillor Donauer. We were told that maybe 40 people called in and only two sided with Mr. Solo.

The Hindu-Atheist – or Atheist-Hindu – strengthened his image as a bigot by saying he wanted the mayor to promise that there will be not more prayer at public events. Many people have the perception that this would be a morally neutral option. No it wouldn’t be. That’s the atheist option. An atheist who garners no more than 5% support in the city doesn’t have the right to play dictator and impose his position on everyone else. Run for office on that platform, and if you get elected, then go to town… Don’t try to use goon-squad short-cuts to get your way.

There is no such thing as neutral civil government. Most of those who called in to the John Gormley show recognized this. They said Canada is the country we are because of our faith in God. NEWS FLASH!! (Here isn’t the place to dissect and parse such statements. We do that a lot already in these ChristianGovernance eletters. Love believes all things, so we can be obedient to the law of love, and appreciate the intent of these callers in drawing attention to the positive aspects of our country that do exist because of the impact of the Christian faith.)

One or more callers asked: “If you are an atheist why would someone else’s pray to Jesus bother you?” John Gormley said, “Yes, I never thought of that.” Apparently nor did Mr. Solo. Maybe he’s too busy being a Hindu?

Mr. Donauer is blessed with lots of local church support. Many people are praying for him. Please add your prayers to these. Mr. Donauer is a gracious man who loves God and loves the constituents he serves. I am sure he is ready to reconcile with Mr. Solo, and that what he would like to see most is the power of God transforming this man’s life, saving him out of darkness into His wonderful light, delivering him from hate, bitterness, anger and resentment.

The Saskatoon mayor is also under attack at this time. As noted above, Mr. Solo wants him to promise not to allow prayer anymore at local government events. At the same time, mayor Don Atchison is also being pressured to participate in this year’s homosexual “Pride” parade. He turned down an invitation to be the Grand Marshall of the parade. We posted a link to this story in yesterday’s eletter, but I see that the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix has taken down that internet page, so click here for the story. The SSP article notes a Councillor – Darren Hill – who is encouraging the mayor to take part in the parade. The article conveniently does NOT note that Mr. Hill is himself homosexual and so might be biased on this point.

Despite all that takes place from day to day, the Kingdom of God relentlessly advances because the King is on the throne.

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